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    • Type d'offre : Emploi
    • Métier(s): Télécommunications
    • Niveau(x): BAC+3
    • Expérience: 3 ans
    • Lieu: ABIDJAN
    • Date de publication: 12/07/2018
    • Date limite: 23/07/2018 (Expirée)


Description du poste

1.Prepare drive test requirements, cell database, digital map and test tools. Draw the drive test
route and prepare the test schedule and method.

2.Perform drive test (or call quality test) with test equipments(such as Probe, TEMS, NEMO).
Record the information and data in detail, submit drive test logfile to analysis team.

3. Analyze the drive test logfile, give relative technical proposal and output drive test report.

Profil du poste

1) Bsc degree in Electrical Engineering and other related field from Accredited university
2) Fresh graduate with basic knowledge in the area are also invited to apply.
3) Has the ability to use drive test equipment, such as Huawei Probe, NEMO, TEMS, Actix, etc.
4) Be able to use test software to perform test, such as MS idle, MS call MS, MS call PSTN, Long call, Short call, Video call, FTP upload and download, Ping, etc.
5) Be able to use drive test software to generate relative KPI and event reports. Can do basic analysis on the drive test reports.
6) Be able to handle the abnormal issues that happen during drive test, in order to output the accurate testing result.
7) Can speak English fluently. Know how to use map software(map-info, google-earth) and Microsoft office.

Dossiers de candidature

richmore@rgsincorporated.com, richard@rgsincorporated.com 

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