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    • Type d'offre : Consultance
    • Métier(s): Informatique de Gestion, Informatique
    • Niveau(x): BAC+4
    • Expérience: 4 ans
    • Lieu: Côte d'Ivoire
    • Date de publication: 08/02/2023
    • Date limite: 26/02/2023 (Expirée)

Description du poste


In collaboration with and in support of the Côte d’Ivoire Ministry of Health, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) aims to accelerate improvements to patient identity management.
With the assistance of the CDC Technical Assistance Platform (TAP) expertise and resources, and the International Training and Education Center for Health Côte d'Ivoire (I-TECH CIV), Côte d'Ivoire will be able to rapidly evaluate the current solution, identify gaps, and determine an accelerated pathway for addressing those gaps using already available tooling and processes, including those led by TAP.
The effort to improve patient identity management (PIM) is aligned with the national health information system strategy.

Project Overview

The collaboration will achieve this aim through a series of activities designed to leverage Côte d’Ivoire’s prior investments and augment those with additional standards-based practices and tooling for scaling beyond their current capabilities and use.
- In the short term, the goal for phase 1 in this fiscal year (FY22; September 2021 - September 2022) is to design and test the next phase of Côte d’Ivoire’s patient identity management solution that improves the ability to identify duplicate patient records across and within systems, to better track patient activity for making decisions about care & treatment (C&T) program direction and resources.
- The long-term goal of the patient identity management solution will be to improve the continuity of care for patients across the health sector, allowing their longitudinal medical records to be available to any point of service they are receiving care from. Lastly, the improved solution will provide a foundation for additional secondary use of the health sector data, such as for surveillance and research users.

Employer overview:

ITECH CIV is a west african NGO which work on Strengthening national lab network with provide support on development and implementation of lab Information System, data analysis tools and equipments management
ITECH CIV work impacts all clinic- and community-based health workers including health management information system (HMIS) staff providing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) functions in Côte d’Ivoire, as well as all clinicians.
Otherwise, ITECH CIV established a strong partnership with DIGI - UW from University of Washington and worked together to share experience, work on systems development, realize innovative digital solutions in Health Management to be sure to continue using international standards and be up to date with the most recent and actual technology developed.

Project locations
ITECH CIV office in Abidjan. The position involves frequent travel to project sites nationwide.

Position Summary:
The PIM Solution Developer will work closely with the staff at ITECH CIV based in Côte d'Ivoire, and at ITECH UW-DIGI and PATH, both of which are based in USA. She/he will play a critical role in supporting software development as well as the design, development and implementation of training programs needed for the implementation and sustainable use of PIM solution. Domestic travel is expected for this position.

Duties and Responsibilities:

● Work with In-Country Coordinator (ICC) to become familiar with the software development practices and codebase of the PIM Solution.
● Conduct programming to contribute core code to features, fixes, and enhancements to the PIM Solution
● Work with the ICC and team to contribute to the design and architecture of the PIM Solution and data exchange approaches with other systems
● Design and code technical security into the PIM solution to properly protect data within the PIM and in any data exchanges with other systems.
● Support the implementation of the PIM Help Desk by providing end-user and implementation support.
● Ensure that help desk incidents are documented well, and are resolved in a timely fashion.
● Provide technical assistance to strengthen the capacity of the MOH in effective solution use and IT support/maintenance
● Ensure smooth and clear communication between colleagues in Abidjan and Seattle, participating in meetings and phone calls and corresponding with members of the team by email, Skype or telephone.
● Support training efforts for the program.
● Contribute to internal and external quarterly project reports.
● Develop and maintain good relationships with our partners in Côte d’ivoire.
● Participate in other ITECH CIV activities in Côte d'Ivoire.
● Conduct small-scale (10 pilot sites) and large-scale deployment of the PIM system
● Provide technical support to MOH and HMIS TWG to upgrade SIGDEP 3 from stand alone version to central database and to online version
● Implement data exchange between the Patient Identity Management system (SIGDEP3.0, UPID, OpenELIS) and assess the possibility to use a Health Information Exchange architecture to support these data exchange and with other systems

Profil du poste

Required Qualifications:
● 4+ years experience conducting information systems software development
● Bachelor's degree or formal technical training in computer science, computer programming (Java, object-oriented, PHP or any object-oriented language), informatics, OR equivalent evidence of experience.
● 2+ years experience with SQL (MysSQL, Postgres or any other related) OR equivalent evidence of experience
● 2+ years experience using iterative software development practices and a continuous integration approach.
● Familiarity with software security best practices and approaches to protect data and prevent cybersecurity breaches
● Ability to manage multiple tasks to advance the goals of the project
● Ability to work independently and prioritize assigned work to achieve project goals
● Minimum one year experience with end-user support of information systems
● Organized and able to meet deadlines in a timely manner
● Excellent written and oral communication skills in French and English

Desired / Preferred Qualifications:

● Experience supporting Linux based applications and working with open source software preferred
● Experience in supporting a health information system greatly preferred, (OpenMRS, OPENELIS…)
● Experience working with data exchange / interoperability solutions for moving data between software systems securely
● Familiarity with OpenHIE Architecture
● Familiarity with Open Client Registry software (OpenCR)
● Experience working with person identification technologies and processes (fingerprints or other biometrics, personal identifiers)
● Experience working in co-located software development teams that are geographically and timezone diverse.
● Working experience in Cote d’Ivoire with knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the country’s health information systems.
● Experience building respectful and effective business collaborations with stakeholders and clients
● Confirmed qualities of leadership, communication, team management skills and solving complex problems

Dossiers de candidature

Interested candidates are requested to send their CV and cover letter in French to: recrutement@itech-civ.org no later than Wednesday February 19, 2023 at 11:00 p.m.
Please note “ICS - TAP Project” in the subject line of your email.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview

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