• Cette offre est expirée !

    • Type d'offre : Emploi
    • Métier(s): NTIC
    • Niveau(x): BAC+4, BAC+6
    • Expérience: 5 ans
    • Lieu: ABIDJAN
    • Date de publication: 17/08/2022
    • Date limite: 29/08/2022 (Expirée)







Description du poste


A) Manages the technical delivery of a region or a product.
B) Organizes the risk review of the pre-sales HLD technical solution, convert the pre-sales HLD technical solution into the DLD engineering technical solution that can be implemented by the engineering service, and guide the customer to eliminate or avoid the risk;
C) Develops technical delivery milestones and engineering technology implementation plans, and divides them into sub-teams for implementation.
D) Formulates the work process of the technical delivery team, and standardizes the work of the technical team with the process.
E) Organizes technical delivery to implement the technical solution of the project, and assumes responsibility for the achievement of technical delivery milestones and technical delivery costs.
F) Formulates work plans and a list of problem requirements by participating in technical communication meetings between the project team and the customer on a regular or irregular basis. A work plan shall be used to drive the achievement of milestones. A list of requirement problems shall be used to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of the plan.
G) Takes charge of the overall planning and skill transfer of local technical personnel of the project, and organizes, plans, and implements on-site advanced skill training for customers.
H) Takes the lead in exploring service business opportunities, develops service solutions, and implements service sales.

Profil du poste

A)Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.
B)A high school diploma may be acceptable.
C)Practical industry experience recommended.
D)A high technical aptitude.
E)Superb interpersonal and leadership skills.
F)A growth mindset, attention to detail, and an excellent work ethic

Skills and Qualifications

Quality monitoring skills to make improvements and corrections where necessary
Thorough understanding of the operation and control of sound, lighting and other production equipment
Excellent computer and technical skills
Time management and organizational skills
Active listening and communication skills
Ability to think creatively
Problem-solving skills
Coordination and teamwork skills

Dossiers de candidature

Send your CV in English to info.civ@rgsincorporated.com with the name of the position you are applying for.

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