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    • Poste : MW TE ENGINEER
    • Type d'offre : Emploi
    • Métier(s): Informatique, NTIC
    • Niveau(x): BAC+3, BAC+4
    • Expérience: 2 ans
    • Date de publication: 22/07/2021
    • Date limite: 28/07/2021 (Expirée)





Description du poste

as a MW engineer
1.Responsible for guiding the SBC for MW Equipment delivery including hardware installation, alignment, commissioning and integration.
2.Responsible for troubleshooting the issue links.
3.Responsible acceptance after the link on air.

Profil du poste

1.Have general knowledge of digital MW communication principles.
2.Have general knowledge of MW Equipments and the
frequency band and channel division, and relationships between capacities/bandwidths and modulation formats.
3.Have general knowledge of MW antenna principles,performance parameters, engineering parameters and MW Link parameters.
1. Strong learning capability and risk and problem management capability;
2. Have strong communication and expression skills and proactive service awareness, and be able to correctly understand customer requirements.
3.Strong teamwork ability, strong pressure resistance, adaptability, and strong sense of responsibility.

Dossiers de candidature

CV et LM à richard@rgsincorporated.com ou info.civ@rgsincorporated.com 

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