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    • Type d'offre : Emploi
    • Métier(s): Médecine/Santé, Pharmacie
    • Niveau(x): BAC+5
    • Expérience: 2 ans
    • Lieu: ABIDJAN
    • Date de publication: 07/06/2021
    • Date limite: 15/06/2021 (Expirée)





Description du poste

JOB DESCRIPTION (non exhaustive):
Main purpose:
With the regional supply, set up a regional supply / pharmacy support unit for all projects with the objective of:
1. Ensure good practices in terms of medical item management in accordance with MSF policies and protocols and national and international laws.
2. Manage the monitoring of consumption and preparation of international orders for all online projects: the idea is to free up the often tedious work of stock management and preparation of orders with a unit that will do most of the work. This unit after analysis of stocks will launch alerts to projects to anticipate shortages and to validate suggested orders.
3. Rationalization of orders and transport
In a 1st phase: Technical support in the field

• Participate in the definition of the operational Medico policies of the MSF WaCA missions by providing its expertise in the field of pharmacy and providing support in its implementation policy
• Provide support to mission pharmacists and medical coordinators in the preparation of international and or national orders while respecting the quality standard of medicines
• Provide technical support on the organization of the pharmacy at different levels (coordination, project, consumption unit): organization, size disposal, storage condition (Good distribution and storage practice)
• Support on Good Pharmaceutical Practices (BPP)
• Support to the medical managers of the missions on the analysis of the monthly pharmacy project reports with monitoring of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) and on the estimation of needs (medical order)
• Help in setting up tools to ensure the rational use of medical products
• Help with the management of specific stocks (psychotropic and narcotics / cold chain / nutritional inputs / pre-positioned stocks)
• Support for the destruction of medical products in the field
• Support for import constraints in some countries.
• Budgeting of medical orders
• Collaborate with the medical teams at missions and at headquarters, participate in meetings and actively contribute to operational discussions.
• Participate in the programming and establishment of new pharmacies in the country; in support of the Medical Coordinators, contribute to the development and revision of the pharmaceutical budget and visit the various missions to supervise and control the activities related to the pharmacy.
• Provide technical support to the Medical Coordinator on pharmaceutical issues (advice on national legislation, pharmacological information, etc.) and forward all relevant information to the Deputy Medical Director (clinical information, use of drugs, side effects, compliance, etc. .).
• In collaboration with the assistant medical director, the supply and the logistician define the composition, organization and management of the pre-positioned stock in the different countries.
• In close collaboration with the Human Resources Manager, participate in the planning, composition and definition of the size of the workforce in the missions and supervise the associated procedures (recruitment, training / initiation, detection of potential, development and communication). Ensure that new staff members receive a clear explanation of their role and information about the general and specific objectives of the project and of pharmacy-related activities.
• Represent MSF to the authorities for all problems relating to the pharmaceutical supply. Collect information on regulations for importing pharmaceutical products and maintain contact with the Ministry of Health in its area of responsibility. Attend any meeting or workshop dealing with pharmaceutical issues and report back to the Deputy Medical Director
• Develop networking with pharmacists in the West and Central Africa region in order to learn about African innovations in the production of drugs and vaccines.

In a second step, set up this regional unit and on-line project inventory management tools
The inventory management and order management component will be gradually managed by this regional supply / Pharma unit:
• Online stock management with the regional unit
• Alert management
• Order management
From there, pharmacists and doctors will gradually take out stocks to focus on the analysis of consumption, forcast and quality of prescriptions. The field work will be very light or most of the stock management and the preparation of orders will be done by this regional online unit.

Emergency stocks will also be managed by this regional unit
3 advantages:
1. Better management of stocks and orders
2. Less time allocated by the field on inventory and order management
3. Better online availability of the actual state of emergency stocks
4. Opening of a new era of stock and supply chain optimization
Potential disadvantages
1. Loss of field expertise on the management of medical items which will be compensated by the online access of all analysis and ordering procedures.

Profil du poste

Required conditions:
Qualified pharmacist
• Experience in managing a pharmacy
• Experience in order management tools
• Previous experience with MSF
French / English / Working language of the mission
Computer skills required (Word, Excel, internet)
• Innovation to simplify the management of medical items
• Leadership
• Teamwork and cooperation
• Staff management and development

This job description may be modified in accordance with the activities or the evolution of the mission.
By signing, the employee acknowledges that he / she has read, understood and accepted this document.

.WORKPLACE : Abidjan

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Contrat de Travail à Durée Déterminée, 12 mois
Date of start: Juillet 2021

Dossiers de candidature

Candidates interested in this offer must submit their files containing cover letter and curriculum vitae to the address staffing@waca.msf.org 

the deadline for submission is Tuesday, 15th June 2021 at 6:00 p.m. GMT

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