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    • Poste : VAS ENGINEER
    • Type d'offre : Emploi
    • Métier(s): Electrotechnique/Electricité, Télécommunications
    • Niveau(x): BAC+3, BAC+4
    • Expérience: 2 ans
    • Lieu: ABIDJAN
    • Date de publication: 19/01/2021
    • Date limite: 27/01/2021 (Expirée)





Description du poste

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
• The first technical owner of VAS issue;
• To be responsible of the KPI and SLA of VAS;
• To be first responsible of escalation of network critical alarms and problems;
Routine Actions
• Second line support with necessary expertise to resolve issues escalated from first line diagnostics
• Provide guidance and implementation for software delivery and upgrades
• Provide technical reports to identify cause of problems, and give preventive guidance to avoid same problem happen again
• Escalate the trouble ticket to Third Line when they cannot solve it, and monitor it until solved
• Prepare implement plan and call review meeting for Service Provisioning
• Configure needed resources for Service Provisioning
• Fulfill the Service configuration and activation according to plan for Service Provisioning
• Network and service performance data collection
• Assist in specifying performance measurement parameters, such as type of data and collection frequency
• Set-up and initiation of data collection
• Collection and administration of performance data
• Performance reporting
• Compilation of reports based on network performance data
• Performance report administration
• Periodically evaluate the Network subscriber growth patterns and assess these trends
• Prepare implement and rollback plan and call a review meeting for configuration request
• Fulfill the configuration plan for configuration request
• Record and report the process and final effect for configuration request
• Network resource utilization monitoring
• Traffic monitoring
• Traffic management/analysis
• Recommendation of the capacity expansion
• Fulfill the capacity expansion
• Routine Inspection
• Main nodes to take care:
Node/Service Supplier SW Version
SMSC2 Convergys SMSC 7.6.1
SMSC3/4 (geo-redundant) Convergys SMSC 7.6.1
Report Server Convergys RS 7.2
VMS & V-SMS (Voice Mail & Voice SMS) Convergys VMS 6.9.7
SMPP-GW Convergys 7.6.4
MCN (Missed Call Notification & Notify-Me Convergys 7.1.5
USSD Telenity 2.3
RBT (Ring Back Tone) Telenity CoolRings
RSC (Roaming services center) Telenity 2.2
(Welcome & Bon-Voyage)
SDP (service delivery platform) Telenity CSP 2.0
MMSC Ericsson MMC R5.0 FD02
WAP GW Ericsson MIEP 4.0
MSP 5.3
ADC & OTA (Aut device configuration) Ericsson (Synapse) ADC 3.0
ADC 4.2
Collect Call OHI (6Dee) 1.5
WAP/Web Portal Wireless Media 2.6.18
Streaming Server (Mobile TV) Wireless Media 2.6.18

Profil du poste

Requirements :
• Candidate should be able to communicate in English.
• Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Electrical & Electronics) / Telecommunications / Computer Science/ or related fields.
• Preferable with Knowledge on VAS platforms of specific vendors like Convergys, Telenity, OHI, Wireless Media, Ericsson.
• Preferable with Knowledge on VAS systems like SMSC, SMPP-GW, VoiceMail, VoiceSMS, RBT, SDP(Service Delivery Platform), RSC(Roaming Service Center), USSD, Collect Call, WAP/WEB Portal, Mobile TV, MMSC, WAP-GW, ADC & OTA, MTA(Mail Transfer Agent).
• Good knowledge in operating systems like Windows, Red hat or SUSE Linux, SUN Solaris and etc.
• Good knowledge in database like MySQL, SQL, Oracle and etc.
• Good knowledge of shell scripting.
• Good knowledge in Network, Switch, Router, Firewall, TCP/IP protocol and etc.
• Good Troubleshooting skills.

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