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    • Type d'offre : Emploi
    • Métier(s): Médecine/Santé
    • Niveau(x): BAC+7 et plus
    • Expérience: 5 ans
    • Lieu: Côte d'Ivoire
    • Date de publication: 10/08/2020
    • Date limite: 31/08/2020 (Expirée)





Description du poste

EGPAF—as an organization and key stakeholder in the global response to the HIV pandemic for decades—has launched and been promoting the use of evidence more formally since 2013 to guide program implementation and monitoring by undertaking regular analytical data review and developing performance dashboards to monitor progress.
Launched in April 2017, Project Djasso is a CDC-funded project that aims to support the Ivorian Ministry of Health (MOH) and other relevant ministries as well as civil society organizations to provide integrated and sustainable HIV services to people living with HIV and their families.
As part of its DJASSO program, EGPAF Côte d’Ivoire is hiring :

Position title : Project Director

Location : Abidjan (With travel interland)

Type of contract : Fixed Term Contract

 Main Responsabilities

Under the direct supervision of the Country Director, the Principal Investigator of Project Djasso, the Director of Project Djasso will provide strategic guidance and direction to the technical staff working in the field, and will ensure that the project is properly and adequately staffed and has sufficient resources for an efficient and result-oriented implementation. The Project Director is accountable for the project Djasso performance.

 Project Management Responsibilities (60%)

• Align project objectives and performance target according to the donor guidance and requirements as well as EGPAF Program Implementation and Country Management (PICM) programmatic priorities.
• Assign daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly performance targets to field staff and monitor on a monthly basis progress accordingly and keep record of those evaluations
• Provide on-site evidence-driven weekly/monthly/quarterly technical and managerial supervision/support to the technical outpost teams to implement key strategies/approaches according to the approved project work plan
• Hold bi weekly data review meetings to monitor project accomplishments and provide guidance to improve site performances
• Ensure weekly, monthly and quarterly data review meetings are held at each technical outpost, as well as at all the largest sites which stand for 80% of the annual programmatic targets.
• Provide monthly updates on program performance trends to EGPAF in country leadership.
• Collaborate with the in-country Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) team and other relevant department/units (when applicable) to oversee and monitor the implementation of SIMS visit recommendations.
• Ensure the implementation of a strong community component in health districts where EGPAF is its own community implementing partner
• Ensure a strong collaboration with community IPs (when applicable) to address gaps in HIV case identification, linkage to ART, retention, VL coverage and VL coverage
• Lead the development of contractual and ad hoc project documents, including but not limited to: quarterly reports, semi-annual progress reports, annual progress reports, continuation applications, etc.
• Ensure that each subgrantee is assigned a weekly, monthly and quarterly target and progress against those performance indicators is monthly assessed, with feedback provided and documented
• Plan, organize and lead quarterly project performance reviews in compliance with policies and guidelines from the office of Project Management

 Coordination with Other In-Country Departments/Units (15%)

• Work closely with the SI&E department to ensure the availability of the most accurate and up-to-date and high-quality data from Project Djasso activities, as well as the identification of program evaluation questions.
• Closely collaborate with the HSS team to follow-up the implementation of SIMS visit recommendations and on all aspects related to human resources for health.
• Keep informed about the functionality of laboratories and the level of stock of HIV commodities at all EGPAF-supported sites.
• Participate to the SLT meetings

 Administrative and Operational Responsibilities (10%)
• Ensure that logistics and supplies are available for successful program implementation.
• Closely collaborate with procurement unit to develop and monitor the project annual procurement plan
• Closely collaborate with finance team to develop and monitor on a monthly basis the project spending plan
• Provide annually or upon request the necessary information to develop the project budget.
• Work closely with in-country Awards &Compliance unit to ensure that sub-grantees have sufficient funds to operate in a timely manner.

 Collaboration with Donor, the MOH, and Other Key Stakeholders (10%)
o Participate in donor technical activities and meetings related to Project Djasso.
o Ensure that project Djasso participate in MOH technical working groups related to HIV service delivery, when relevant for the successful project implementation
o Meet quarterly with the MOH Regional and Districts Medical Officers, as well as managers at high-yield sites to keep them informed of the Project’s successes and challenges.
o Work with other PEPFAR and non-PEPFAR implementing partners to avoid duplicative efforts and investments.

 Other Duties (5%)
o Keep the technical staff continuously abreast of the Program Optimization Approach (POA) initiative and ensure that it is implemented across the board.
o Perform other duties upon request.
o Contribute to the country program effort to document successes

 Qualifications
• Medical Doctor with at least five years experience in HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis prevention, care, and treatment, with a minimum of three years experience in project management and implementation.
• A MPH degree is a plus.
• A PMD Pro level certificate is a plus
• Knowledge of basic principles of managing U.S. Government funding.

Profil du poste

 Required Skills
• Willingness/ability to travel extensively within Côte d’Ivoire, work extended periods in the field and interact effectively with local communities, and to learn new approaches. 60% LOE for field work and travel
• Excellent computer and word processing skills. Computer literacy in the use of Microsoft Office package Epinfo are preferred, with practical experience in the use of electronic communications including email, internet, etc.
• Strong analytical and report writing skills
• In-depth knowledge of monitoring and evaluation principles, as well research principles.
• High competence in data analysis.
• Good knowledge of the Ivoirian national health system organization, and specifically the HIV environment.
• Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure
• Proficiency in English and French required.

 Personal Traits, Qualities and Aptitude
• Self-motivated, innovation-oriented, and able to work with minimal supervision and oversight.
• Demonstrated ability to work as a team player in a multi-disciplinary team setting.
• Ability to perform a variety of duties, often changing from one task to another of a different nature without loss of efficiency or composure.
• Strong personality, but with excellent facilitation skills.
• Accept responsibility for the direction, control, and planning of activities.
• Work independently, but consult with collaborators as necessary.
• Relate to others in a manner that creates a sense of teamwork and cooperation.
• Maintain effective communication with colleagues, both junior and senior.

Dossiers de candidature

For application, Follow this link : https://cho.tbe.taleo.net/cho01/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=PEDAIDS&cws=41&rid=2070   

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