• Cette offre est expirée !

    • Métier(s): Commerce/Ventes, Communication, Marketing
    • Niveau(x): BAC+3, BAC+4, BAC+5
    • Expérience: 3 ans
    • Lieu: Abidjan, Treichville
    • Date de publication: 21/05/2024
    • Date limite: 03/06/2024 (Expirée)


Carlcare Technology CV SARL



Description du poste

1.Responsible for contacting, executing and coordinating with external KOL/KOC, famous bloggers and quality content creators (referred to as KOL) to improve the quality of the brand promotion and publicity, and as a member of the team, collaborate with internal and external resources to support and promote new product launch activities;
2.Responsible for negotiating, bargaining, formulating topic selection, content production plan and other cooperation details finalized with KOL to ensure that the project achieves results within the timeline;
3.Docking KOL cooperation content outline, script, video review work, as well as video release after the tracking control evaluation, data statistics and other work, and organize and analyze the data;
4. Identify key KOLs for cooperation with the company, establish and maintain a proactive relationship with them, and manage cooperation and relationship maintenance with KOLs;
5. Conduct research on KOL market for social media platforms, and output research reports and industry insights;
6. Work closely with other organizations such as HQ, PR, digital media, creative team, etc., and cooperate with them to undertake content output requirements to ensure high quality meterial output.


Profil du poste

1. Bachelor degree or above, 1-3 years working experience in marketing/advertising/communication/business cooperation;
2. Rich knowledge of social media platforms, with the electronics industry/film and television/sports KOL and media cooperation experience, KOL resource accumulation is preferred;
3. Good at interpersonal communication, relationship maintenance and business negotiation;
4. Has passion for technology and electronic products, familiar with photography and photography equipment;
5. Strong multi-team working ability, high business sense and self-driven;
6. Fluent in English, can be used as working language.


Dossiers de candidature

pour candidater, prière envoyer votre CV à l'adresse zachariecarlcare@gmail.com avec le titre du poste en objet du mail.

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