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    • Type d'offre : Emploi
    • Métier(s): Ressources Humaines
    • Niveau(x): BAC+5
    • Expérience: 8 ans
    • Lieu: Mali / Foukadougou
    • Date de publication: 27/02/2024
    • Date limite: 11/03/2024 (Expirée)

Description du poste

Profil du poste

Key responsibilities:

1. General Responsibilities
- Partner with GM and Head of Departments to ensure business goals are achieved and supported through appropriate People and Culture initiatives.
- Tailoring and implementing the People and Culture strategy, policies, and procedures at subsidiary level
- Maintain organizational charts based on changes in business and ensure appropriate reporting at subsidiary level

2. Recruitment and Onboarding
- Manage effective resources allocation and workforce planning.
- Collaborate with department heads to develop recruitment plan for the organisation and ensure quality talent is recruited to meet organizational needs.
- In collaboration with the Regional Head of P&C develop partnerships with local schools, universities, colleges and training institutions in order to attract the best candidates and develop the organization brand to become an employer of choice.
- Ensure that the recruitment and selection policies and processes are followed.
- Ensure all new joiners sign contracts and that the orientation, onboarding and integration process is followed.

3. Performance management
- Jointly with the Regional Head of P&C, implement appropriate policies and procedures to ensure effective performance management and continuous learning;
- Support Head of departments to establish appropriate key performance indicators to measure and evaluate the performance of employees across the plant in line with the PMS cycle.
- Conduct training sessions to introduce the Performance Management system, role of each employee and guideline.
- Lead performance management cycle annually and ensure compliance with the company’s policies and procedures.
Jointly with the Regional Head of P&C discuss remuneration and rewards and ensure alignment with performance.

4. Training and Development
- Plan and propose Training Plans to support capacity building and alignment with employee development needs.
- Drive the learning agenda for critical talent (local region) through tools such as Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and Management Development Programs (MDPs) amongst others and to support succession planning.
- Partner with external trainers, vendors, industry bodies and other relevant stakeholders to ensure up-to-date and best quality learning content for team members.

5. Payroll processing
- Ensure timely payroll processing and compliance with all government regulations with respect to payroll processing, deductions, benefits payment and provide employees with their respective salary slips.
- Contribute to salary and grade reviews and implementation of the outcomes across the plant.

6. Leave management
- Coordinate with heads of departments to ensure employees are able to avail their annual leaves.
- Create a Leave Plan and maintain leave records on the system.
- Manage leaves and absenteeism on a daily basis and ensure record of presence and follow-up for absentees.
- Liaise with managers and supervisors to develop a plan for employees with significant absenteeism.
- Submit monthly or quarterly report to the Regional Head of P&C.

7. Culture and Engagement
- Continuously drive higher team engagement through appropriate interventions such as employee engagement surveys, focus group.
- Support Head of Departments and similar roles to drive organisational culture initiatives, embed the company values and cascade the Organisation’s Mission and Vision.

8. Policies and Procedures
- Formulate P&C policies, procedures, internal rules and regulations as per organizational and local region requirements.
- As required tailor standard practices shared by the Group to ensure that they cater for local requirements.
- Share relevant policies and procedures with heads, managers, and supervisors for review.
- Communicate the same to relevant stakeholders and track adherence.
Oversee maintenance and cleanliness of office building and factory premises, register, signs and directions, use of company materials, office supplies, etc.

9. Health and Safety
- Support the Health, Safety, and environment team to deliver on HSE initiatives for the protection and wellbeing of the team members in alignment with the company Values.
- Collaborate with and support the HSE team to ensure that the team members have adequate PPE and are trained to use the same.
- Ensure to report on a quarterly basis to the Regional Head of P&C on wellbeing activities undertaken.

10. Community Development (CD)
- Promote and support community development activity to ensure alignment with the company Values.
- Formulate the community development plan annually and oversee activities related to social and environmental activities undertaken in the local communities.
- Raise awareness of the subsidiary’s community development activities to internal and external stakeholders.
- Ensure to report on a quarterly basis to the Regional Head of P&C on the activities and initiatives undertaken for the community development.

Qualifications :
- Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources or higher
- Relevant HR Certifications

Skills Requirements :
- Specific skill requirements for the role e.g. Negotiation, Presentation, Planning etc.
- Technical knowledge of all functions of People and Culture Management.
- People management including recruitment.
- Total reward management
- Performance management
- Employee engagement management
- Budget management
- Competence development
- Analytics and reporting
- Culture
- Change management
- Knowledge and skills to manage administration and plant facilities
- Understanding of people and culture-related trends in local country including local labour legislation
- Understanding of the local corporate social responsibility environment
- Proficient in local language (Bamabara) and English or willingness to learn

Personal attributes required for the role :
- Strategic Perspective
- Execution Excellence
- Collaborative Partnerships
- Personal Effectiveness & Credibility
- Leading Teams / Effective Team Management
- Advanced communication and interpersonal skills
- Conflict resolution
- Agility and adaptability
- Time management
- Relationship-building skills
- Problem-solving
- Creativity/Innovativeness
- Integrity
- Confidentiality

Experience :
8+ years’ experience in Human Resource Management in the steel industry or other relevant industry

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