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    • Type d'offre : Emploi
    • Métier(s): Finances/Comptabilité, Logistique/Transport , Management, Médecine/Santé
    • Niveau(x): BAC+4, BAC+5
    • Expérience: 5 ans
    • Lieu: Abidjan
    • Date de publication: 19/06/2020
    • Date limite: 20/07/2020 (Expirée)






Description du poste

WaCA aspires to bring about a change in the dynamics of the MSF movement. Indeed, the association is supported by a large number of doctors and Médecins Sans Frontières humanitarian workers from West and Central Africa who wish to be heard, to contribute and above all to proactively assume responsibility for the organization’s humanitarian mission. The WaCA association reflects an identity as humanitarians, aspirations for MSF, a truly inclusive movement of people who share the values of humanity and empathy towards others. Its strength is based on other MSF associations and its associative fiber is amplified by concrete operational objectives.


The Resource Director is a member of the Management Committee and holds one of the highest positions in the organization. He/she is under the supervision of the Executive Director, to whom he/she reports. He/she supervises the activities of the directors of the logistics, finance/information technology, communication and fundraising.

Broadly speaking
- He/she manages the planning and control cycle.
- He/she ensures the correct and timely production of the annual account
- He/she ensures that the effectiveness of work practices and administration is regularly evaluated.
- He/she ensures that the organization's assets and liabilities are adequately insured.

Vision/Strategy/Policy Development
- He/she formulates, together with the other members of the CoDir, the short- and long-term vision in the field of financial and human resources (medium-and long-term policy), and shares responsibility for the development (or implementation) of the policy to be pursued in this context;
- He/she ensures the participation of department heads in the development of MSF WACA strategy and policy.
- He/she proactively contributes to and stimulates debate and decision-making on the mission, vision, strategy, policy and implementation of MSF's core and supporting processes;
- He/she provides the Executive Director and other members of the CoDir with advice (on request or spontaneously) on issues that are relevant to the organization.

- The Resource Director directs, plans and controls the organization's resources, policies, objectives and related budgets.
- The Resource Director oversees the flow of financial and human resources, manages the associated risks, oversees financial and human resources management and develops related strategies to support the organization's activities.
- The Resource Director is responsible for cost management and growth of the organization (headquarter and field).
- He/she ensures that communication and fundraising activities are in phase to produce maximum synergy and coherence.
- Ensures MSF-WACA's capacity to communicate humanitarian concerns to a wide audience in Africa and, in collaboration with partner chapters, globally.
- Ensures that logistical, technical and supply activities are fully integrated to produce maximum synergy and coherence.
- The Resource Director is a member of the MSF WaCA Steering Committee and, in this capacity, contributes and takes initiatives to further develop the overall vision, strategy and policy of MSF WaCA.
- The Resource Director brings strategic resource issues to the table, which contributes to the creation of an overall strategy.
- The Resource Director is responsible, together with the Director of Operations, for liaising between the "resource support departments" and operations and ensuring active field-inspired collaboration to optimize resource flows, support and accountability.
- The Resource Director ensures that resource managers play a major role in the development of the MSF International family and liaises with operational and non-operational sections.
- The Resource Director is responsible for information management within the organization.
- The Resource Director is responsible for the follow-up of legal matters (related to taxation, labor law, etc.).

• Financial management
o Responsible for the transparent financial management of resource departments within the framework of the financial policy.
o Co-responsible for the Strategic Plan and the AP processes and results (with the Executive Director).

• Communication
o He/she is responsible for organizing "technical discussions" with department heads regarding the development of support capacity at the technical and operational levels;
o Participates, on behalf of MSF-WaCA, in meetings with MSF-International and other external platforms;
o Ensures that information available within the organization is communicated to the field, in order to keep field staff informed and involved;
o Represents MSF-WaCA in certain external relations in Africa and elsewhere.
o Participates in all CoDir meetings;

Profil du poste

• Competencies
o The candidate must have experience with MSF (or a humanitarian medical agency).
o The candidate must have a strong sense of MSF's mission and demonstrate added value to the spirit and development of MSF-WACA operations.
o The candidate must be able to demonstrate strong and proven management and leadership skills. He/she must be able to make a contribution to MSF-WaCA's strategic issues.
o He/she will be an innovator and a coach who subscribes to a decentralized organization, has good communication skills and is able to function well in a team environment.
o He/she must have a clear management style to be able to lead people from different cultures and with different specialties.
o The candidate must have an analytical mind capable of quickly assessing large amounts of information and data and be able to consider and evaluate the relationships among many factors.
o Proven experience in a multidisciplinary management position.
o Has experience of the legal and financial field in Africa in general and in Côte d'Ivoire in particular.

• Work Experience and skills
o 5 years (minimum) experience in a senior management position within MSF.
o Strong commitment to the MSF Association required.
o Strong capacity to think outside the box and to make proposals.
o Great flexibility to work in a multi-sector environment.
o Great experience in managing multicultural teams.
o Ability to create and maintain a network of relevant contacts.
o High availability to travel to MSF WaCA countries, MSF missions and offices around the world.
o Has a good general knowledge of logistics and fundraising within MSF
o Has proven experience in a financial management/human resources position.
o Possesses strong media communication skills.

• Language skills :
o Fluent French and English (level B2 for both languages)

• Aptitudes :
o Great vision
o Leadership.
o Ability to identify strategic priorities and find solutions.
o Sense of dialogue,
o Excellent interpersonal skills.

Location/Workstation: Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Contract: Fixed Term – Two (02) years
Reporting Relationship: Report to the Managing Director of MSF WaCA

Dossiers de candidature

Kindly send your application (letter for interest and CV) online at: https://www.msf.fr/agir/rejoindre-nos-equipes/offres-emploi 

Deadline for application is 20 July 2020
Only selected candidates will be contacted

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