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    • Type d'offre : Emploi
    • Métier(s): Management, Médecine/Santé, Ressources Humaines
    • Niveau(x): BAC+4, BAC+5
    • Expérience: 5 ans
    • Lieu: Abidjan
    • Date de publication: 19/06/2020
    • Date limite: 20/07/2020 (Expirée)





Description du poste

WaCA aspires to bring about a change in the dynamics of the MSF movement. Indeed, the association is supported by a large number of doctors and Médecins Sans Frontières humanitarian workers from West and Central Africa who wish to be heard, to contribute and above all to proactively assume responsibility for the organization’s humanitarian mission. The WaCA association reflects an identity as humanitarians, aspirations for MSF, a truly inclusive movement of people who share the values of humanity and empathy towards others. Its strength is based on other MSF associations and its associative fiber is amplified by concrete operational objectives.


The Human Resources Director is a member of the Management Committee and is fundamental to the organization. Under the supervision of the Executive Director, to whom he reports, she/he is in charge of WaCA's main resource "people".
- Ensures that we aggressively invest in people, our organisation's primary resource.
- Ensures the timely and correct production of the human resources strategy and roadmap.
- Ensures the implementation of a vision towards a coherent HR management policy in the region for the MSF movement.


HR strategy and vision
- Design, implement and disseminate, with the support of the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors, a common HR vision, talent management strategy and employment philosophy for MSF WaCA field and head office staff.
- Ensure diversity, equity and inclusion, and in collaboration with the Executive Director's office, promote initiatives that make staff feel valued, respected, included in the work culture and safe.
- Embracing transformation and innovation, fostering psychological safety, continuous learning, and leveraging HR technology to enhance the employee experience and organizational effectiveness.
- Support the executive team by providing strategic reporting and analysis on HR trends.

Integrated talent management (field and headquarters)
- Lead the development of proactive and useful solutions for organizational development, HR planning, integrated recruitment and talent management, compensation and benefits, and employee relations in conjunction with MSF WaCA's strategic and annual plans.
- Participate in the creation of a positive and inclusive work culture and measures that maximize engagement and nurture a culture that values the health, well-being and considers the mental, physical, social, financial and organizational health of all WaCA staff.
- Continuously advance efforts to achieve the highest standards of duty of care, including proactive communications with headquarters and field staff regarding risk, risk reduction and crisis management.
- Guiding the development, implementation and evaluation of WaCA training and development programs, including "Days of Welcome" and English/French language immersion initiatives to retain staff.
- Ensure that HR policies and procedures are up-to-date, reflect the organization's goals, are easily accessible and well communicated. Ensure compliance with legislation and manage risks while balancing organizational and individual needs.
- Supporting and working with the Programs Unit to design and coordinate innovative programs such as distance learning and development solutions to enhance management resources within the movement.
- Effectively coordinate inter-departmental collaboration and actively seek opportunities to link the expertise of head office and field staff with emerging MSF WaCA operational and programmatic priorities and increase strategic opportunities for mobility.
- Represent and advocate HR interests and objectives before WaCA's governing bodies including the Board of Directors, HR Committee, Management Team and the Association.
- Anticipating and responding to the ever-changing labour market, analyzing internal and external trends and, where appropriate, translating results into action.
- Provide a reliable assessment of human resources procedures and relevant and accurate HR indicators for semi-annual and annual reports.
- Develop, implement and be responsible for the annual budget for the department.
- Oversee the selection and monitoring of relationships with key suppliers and service providers.

HR Team Management and Leadership
- Leading and managing the staff of the HR department by exemplifying a collaborative and professional team culture.
- As an integral member of the senior management team, participate in the development and implementation of organization-wide goals and decisions.
- In the event of a humanitarian emergency, act as the point of contact for MSF Canada HR and be part of the crisis cell.

Partnership and representation:
- Continually build relationships with MSF offices and colleagues abroad to foster closer collaboration on human resource issues and decide on MSF WaCA's human resource objectives.
- Ensure that MSF's goals and values are upheld through active participation in the operational activities of MSF WaCA and the international movement.
- Contribute to selected international HR issues that catalyse impact, transformation, coherence and shared responsibility throughout the movement.
- Establish and maintain a network of contacts with institutions, NGOs, government agencies and other platforms to foster dialogue on humanitarian and operational issues, including human resources.
- Carry out project visits and temporary replacements in the field to keep abreast of the reality of MSF's work and to support humanitarian interventions as needed.

Profil du poste

• Competencies :
o Fluency in written and spoken English, strong verbal skills in French with good working knowledge in writing.
o Current knowledge of emerging issues and best practices in human resources.
o He/she will be an innovator and a coach who subscribes to a decentralized organization, has good communication skills and is able to work well in a team.
o Strong knowledge of HR fundamentals, including recruitment, compensation, benefits, talent management, labour relations and a good understanding of the laws and labour market in Africa in general and Central and West Africa in particular.
o Proven ability to inspire, motivate, coach and manage a dynamic and diverse team through leadership and professionalism.
o Excellent strategic planning skills.
o Strong customer service orientation and ability to understand and find solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of a multicultural population.
o Good ability to balance analysis, reflection, judgment and proactive decision-making to deliver timely results.
o Excellent problem solving, prioritization and time management skills with the ability to deliver results in a dynamic environment while dealing with multiple competing deadlines.
o Strong interpersonal and relationship skills, with proven success in expanding and maintaining broad and diverse stakeholder networks.
o Talented communicator with excellent presentation and negotiation skills with the ability to influence organizational decisions. Discretion, tact and integrity in all interactions.
o Strong data management and analysis skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office 365 software and HR technologies.
o Direct experience in budget control and financial planning.
o Ability and willingness to travel abroad on MSF missions and projects, sometimes in unstable situations.

• Experience and training
o 5 years (minimum) experience in a senior management position within MSF.
o University degree with specialization in human resources and/or any other relevant field (e.g. talent management, organizational design and development, industrial relations, business administration, employee engagement and experience, leadership, talent analytics, etc.) and/or equivalent in education, training and experience.
o Experience in a senior HR position (for at least five years) preferably in an organization, including a not-for-profit humanitarian organization. Experience in HR management within MSF would be a valuable asset and/or experience in managing international staff.
o Commitment to the MSF Association required.
o Ability to think outside the box and to think outside the box.
o Flexibility to work in a multi-sectoral environment.
o Ability to create and maintain a network of relevant contacts.
o Availability to travel to MSF WaCA countries, MSF missions and offices around the world.

• Language skills:
o Fluent French and English (level B2 for both languages)

• Aptitudes :
o Great vision
o Leadership.
o Ability to identify strategic priorities and find solutions.
o Sense of dialogue,
o Excellent interpersonal skills.

Location/Workstation: Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Contract: Fixed Term – Two (02) years
Reporting Relationship: Report to the Managing Director of MSF WaCA

Dossiers de candidature

Kindly send your application (letter for interest and CV) online at: https://www.msf.fr/agir/rejoindre-nos-equipes/offres-emploi 

Deadline for application is 20 July 2020
Only selected candidates will be contacted

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