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    • Type d'offre : Emploi
    • Métier(s): Finances/Comptabilité, Management, Médecine/Santé
    • Niveau(x): BAC+7 et plus
    • Expérience: 5 ans
    • Lieu: Abidjan
    • Date de publication: 19/06/2020
    • Date limite: 20/07/2020 (Expirée)






Description du poste

MSF's presence in the West and Central Africa region has been firmly established and significant since the early 1980s. But driven in multiple directions, and perhaps by more visible crises elsewhere, the intensity of its response can fluctuate.
Unlike the way MSF operations are often conducted, the WaCA's operational vision does not revolve around specific structures or diseases. Echoing recent calls within the Movement, we take a genuine interest in people, focusing on the need to respect their dignity, their social context, the reality of the community and their life as a human being. We want our discussions with the people MSF helps to be influenced by the fact that they also have choices and need a more humane, down-to-earth and understandable approach.

MSF WaCA seeks a:



The Medical and Operations Director is the person responsible for the direction of all operational projects, medical policy and WaCA support, as well as operational communication and advocacy. In addition to leading MSF-WaCA operations, the incumbent will work with other MSF CBs and sections, building on existing services and support to avoid duplication. The individual will be chosen for his/her ability to oversee a wide range of complex projects in the region, allowing for quality work without having to control all aspects of the project. The person will view his/her role more as providing a support service for project work than as a "manager".
He/she supervises and guarantees the achievement of all MSF-WaCA's operational missions by defining and adjusting priorities according to financial, human and logistical resources.

Under the hierarchical responsibility of the Managing Director, it constitutes, by delegation, together with the operational managers, a single decision-making level.

Main activities of the job:

• MSF- WaCA strategy and operational policy:
o Analyze the political and humanitarian environment
o Propose the strategy and operational policy of MSF- WaCA
o Participate in MSF's strategic choices
o Decide on operational policy within the program departments (priorities, final decisions)

o Define the medico-operational strategic plans and their translation into annual plans.
o Define WaCA's operational research strategy
o Contribute to policy thinking and debate to advance practice and knowledge
o Stimulate and validate the messages (angles) of public operational communication
o Participate in Board meetings

• Responsible for the implementation of the Operational Plan: 

o Validate the opening or closing of missions (after advice from the Project Committee)

o Define and constantly adjust the organization and the means necessary for the deployment of the plan and set the steps for implementing the actions, ensuring the relevance of the means used and the quality of the projects.

o Arbitrate according to the needs of the field, the means available and the constraints and stakes (local, sections, national representations, etc...).
o Ensure the analysis of the security context. To be the guarantor of the respect of the security procedures of the teams in the field...

o Report on WaCA operations, including the preparation of the activity report.

o Contribute to the development of operational research orientations and validate their budget
o The responsibility to overcome inequality of access to education to ensure the contribution of all
o The centrality of individual needs
o Protection of the most vulnerable
o Sensitivity to the promotion of gender, as the region is less well-endowed than others.

• Represent and defend the interests of MSF: 

o Represent and promote the interests of the MSF WaCA association and the WaCA opera section within the international movement (platforms), with different international stakeholders (governments, NGOs, international bodies...) as well as in the media.

o Interface with the operations of the other centers of the movement 

o Contribute to the promotion of the new operations management model

• Hierarchically manage his/her teams:

o Recruit, coach, advise, support, motivate, unite teams and develop the skills of employees
o Set orientations, define objectives. Evaluate work

o Ensure that his/her department makes a good contribution to cross-departmental/inter-departmental projects/work. 

o Guarantee the principle of subsidiarity in operations.

• Skills impartation :

o Validate the operational training policy in the field

o in charge of mission evaluations/capitalization, for learning and accountability.

• Be responsible for the budget of the social mission in the field and its department:
o Draw up, propose, manage and monitor the budget 

o Validate proposals for institutional and partnership funding
o Establish resource framework agreements for the various projects under his/her responsibility.

Profil du poste

• Qualification:

o Holder of a doctorate degree in medicine.
o Specialization in public health or any other specialties in humanitarian response in resource-limited or middle-income countries desired.

• Work Experience :
o At least a 15 years-significant experience in humanitarian work, including a career with MSF
o Experience in field coordination positions, plus having held positions of responsibility at the headquarter.
o Mastery of current developments in humanitarian assistance issues.
o Proven capacity in advocacy, documentation and research in resource-limited settings.
o Ability to establish synergies with civil society and national and international partners.

• Language skills :
o Fluent French and English (a minimum B2 -CEFR level, for each of the two languages)

• Skills :
o Mastery of participatory team management

o Mastery of project and portfolio management
o Mastery of change management

o Mastery of coaching techniques
o Mastery of budget management

o Mastery of negotiation techniques

• Aptitudes :
o Great vision
o Leadership
o Ability to identify strategic priorities and find solutions.
o Sense of dialogue,
o Excellent interpersonal skills.

Location/Workstation: Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Contract: Fixed term – Two (02) years
Reporting Relationship: Report to the Managing Director of MSF WaCA

Dossiers de candidature

Kindly send your application (letter for interest and CV) online at: https://www.msf.fr/agir/rejoindre-nos-equipes/offres-emploi 

Deadline for application is 20 July 2020
Only selected candidates will be contacted

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