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    • Type d'offre : Emploi
    • Métier(s): Génie Civil/Travaux publics
    • Niveau(x): BAC+3, BAC+4, BAC+5
    • Expérience: 2 ans
    • Lieu: Odienné
    • Date de publication: 21/01/2020
    • Date limite: 03/02/2020 (Expirée)





Description du poste

Ensure that the work done is in compliance with contractual requirements ;

- Propose improvement solutions ;

- Write procedures and pass on implementation instructions to technicians ;

- Contribute to problem-solving and non-compliance ;

- Ensuring a balance between productivity and quality ;

- Explain its approach, exchange and convince its internal and external interlocutors (master of work, suppliers, external providers)
Tracking regulatory developments ;

- Implement quality acceptance principles and technical standards ;

- Supervise and guide the work of the project quality inspection service ;

- Raising workers' awareness to understand quality policy and objectives ;

- Participate in formulating project quality objectives and monitoring quality indicators ;

- Supervising and implementing the quality organization through the allocation of resources and the means of control ;

- Participate in the analysis and investigation of non-compliance and make treatment proposals ;

- Conduct the review of the project quality assurance plan, report on the operation of the project quality management system to the chief engineer and the company, make proposals for improvement and oversee the execution ;

- Guide and supervise the quality inspection of each sub-project ;

- Supervise and control the construction process and organize the project quality inspection ;

- Write the completion data, participate in the completion and receipt of the project, and ensure repair and maintenance work during the warranty period ;

- Write and disseminate relevant quality reports on time

Estimate Duration:2020.02.01-2023.01.31

Profil du poste

BAC+3 minimum level civil engineering and every similar domain 2 year of working experience

Dossiers de candidature

Please send your CV in English and a cover letter in English with your salary expectation to hroffice.chec@gmail.com . Any application that does not meet the criteria will not be processed

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