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    • Type d'offre : Emploi
    • Métier(s): Commerce/Ventes, Electronique, Electrotechnique/Electricité, Management
    • Niveau(x): BAC+5, BAC+6, BAC+7 et plus
    • Expérience: 15 ans
    • Lieu: Côte d'Ivoire
    • Date de publication: 07/05/2018
    • Date limite: 21/05/2018 (Expirée)



Job Title:  General Manager

Division: Power Systems

Grade:  Aii

Reporting to:  Chairman

Direct Subordinates: Divisional Staff

Job main scope:  Overall Supervision of Technical & Commercial Matters in Power Systems Dvision.

Minimum required educational level:  Engineering Degree

Minimum required experience:  15 Years

Application form : CV & LM : georges.hajj@site-technology.com 

Pre-requisite skills & training:

1.       Minimum 12-15 years relevant experience in handling a Division. Technical knowledge of UPS,   Data Centre Preparation, Industrial and Commercial  Power Generators, Frequency Converters,  Power Transformers, Access Floor Systemand other power systems.

2.       Hands on experience with at least 5 manufacturers.

3.       Strong industry knowledge of customer satisfaction drivers.

4.       Skilled at Action Planning and follow-up.

5.       Able to lead change and process improvements in a dynamic environment.

6.       Ability to build strong teams and cultivate teamwork.

7.       Keen organizational awareness and commitment to developing people.

8.       Effective Coaching and conflict resolution skills.

9.       Ability to manage multiple priorities.

10.   Strong work ethic, commitment, sense of accountability, integrity and urgency.

11.   Strong analytical and logical skills. Results oriented.

12.   Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Languages : French , English 

Required Training at the company’s premises before starting work:  N/A

Work Relationships:

-         Internal:  Coordinating with the Chairman, CAO, CFO, Division Heads and other staff. 

-         ExternatCoordinating with clients, consultants, contractors, government agencies, partners,

                  suppliers, subcontractors, statutory & legal bodies.


-      Duties & Responsibilities:


1)      Set-up, plan and control the Division's activities including overall supervision of technical & commercial matters.

2)      Co-develop the division's policies & procedures and monitor their implementation.

3)      Market your division in the best possible way with a high degree of customer's awareness.

4)      To report to the Chairman and provide update on sales and markets.

5)      To plan and execute sales calls which effectively articulate the firm’s offerings and create customer interest.

6)      To establish contact with clients, consultants and contractors.

7)      To get the company’s products & systems specified with the consultants.

8)      To prepare proposals to the clients’ standard.

9)      To coordinate with principals.

10)  To maintain detailed sales and marketing trends.

11)  To identify business opportunities and work with customers to understand requirements.

12)  To generate and present proposals to customers.

13)  To provide concise and timely status reporting as required by Chairman.

14)  To learn about vendors new technology and products.

15)  Improve and maintain your customers' satisfaction.

16)  Supervise the general accounting input according to agreed budget.

17)  Develop analysis of statistical information in order to determine and monitor own performance.

18)  Responsible to build, nurture and leverage the power of team work.

19)  Duty to keep your staff at the highest level of skills necessary to meet your division's deadlines.

20)  Develop with the executive manager plans to enhance revenues and create growth.

21)  Prepare reports that outline your division operating mischief's (i.e. delays in payments, wrong specs, suppliers misunderstandings, customer's complaints…) and quickly attend to them.

22)  Coordinate the preparation of your division's budget and the financial forecasts.

23)  Design, establish and maintain the division structure and staffing requirement according to budget.

24)  Devise and follow achievable monthly objectives for staff and business units in terms of job completion as scheduled, quality service and full working potentials.

25)  Improve on processes and procedures through better staff coaching.

26)  Help Business units managers on day-to-day problems, maintenance issues, decision making and team spirit.

27)  Address every activity on the value-added objective and enhanced performance that include:

       -  Product development

       -  Staff training

       -  Increased productivity

       -  Cost effectiveness

       -  Bottom line profit


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